What is a direct and practical way of combatting food waste in neighbourhoods? Community Fridges! There are already hundreds in the UK and they have helped people during the pandemic. What could be the equivalent of a Community Fridge in the Hospitality Sector? It is hard to imagine such fridges within hotels with guests sharing food, but could hotels, especially larger ones, set up and support... Show more

It takes a pandemic to reveal the surreality of actually-existing-capitalism: Airlines have to fly empty planes so as not to lose coveted airport slots. Such flights are now called "ghost flights" but the real ghost, that cannot be detected anywhere in the airline sector, is a genuine commitment to tackle the climate crisis! Ghost Flights should not be confused with the ghost credits used to... Show more

Ghost Flights Are Polluting the Skies Thanks to Omicron

Airlines claim they're sending thousands of empty flights out in an attempt to maintain market share despite the environmental damage.

Excessive 'Safety', 'Security', 'Responsibility' and lately Health concerns, but also 'Convenience' are gateways, useful pretexts for Surveillance Capitalism and Authoritarianism. The travel, hospitality & leisure sectors will increasingly face related dilemmas during the 21st century. Although we should not be technophobes, we have to study, as individuals and as societies, the risks involved... Show more

From Recycling to Upcycling to Great Art! ecoclub.com/eco-living/1416-220108-art-recycling-d…

Reality surpasses imagination - if you have already watched "Don't Look Up" and appreciated its critique of neoliberal, greenwashed, solutions peddled by techno-feudalist billionaires you will be startled by the narrowest (economically-optimum?) and already jammed tunnels built under Las Vegas by Elon's Boring Co... what if there is a fire? www.youtube.com/watch It is time for cities to shed... Show more

Traffic Jam inside Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Tunnel

A video has surfaced on social media showing Tesla vehicles stuck in a traffic jam inside Elon Musk’s Las Vegas tunnel, which was built to alleviate the city...

Happy & Healthy 2022!

Happy & Healthy 2022!

Traditionally, a difficult season for all hospitality employees, made worse by the pandemic. tribunemag.co.uk/2021/12/christmas-retail-hospital…

The Christmas Class War

For many workers, Christmas is the toughest time of the year as long hours combine with low wages and despotic bosses. If we want the…

Congratulations Aivar! This important recognition was largely achieved through your work. Intangible heritage is at least as important as tangible and usually at greater risk. However I hope that the recognition will also come with tangible benefits