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Year 5-Issue 56, Jan. 2004



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Sir Sanford Fleming College
Ontario Canada, Ecotourism Alumni 2003 newsletter 

The US Fire Administration
is offering a free GIS tutorial on CD.

New WTO web services
WTO has recently launched LEXTOUR and INFODOCTOUR, two information services offering online access to tourism legislation and documentation centres worldwide. The LEXTOUR Database provides direct access via links to external websites, databases and information servers that offer references to and/or the full text of national-level legislation and regulatory procedures governing the principal areas of tourism activity, such as administrative structures and spheres of competence, accommodation, professions, and investment incentives. LEXTOUR also facilitates access to international databases on tourism-related fields including environment, labour law, transport, etc. The second database, INFODOCTOUR, is an online world directory of products and services available from libraries, documentation centres, producers and distributors of databases directly or indirectly related to the tourism sector. INFODOCTOUR should contribute to improve and reinforce the development of information linkages between the WTO Documentation Centre and its institutional partners.

Pre-publication version of the 3rd Ramsar Manual.
Fullfilling the need for a brief, printed introduction to the Ramsar Convention and its processes, a new updated third edition has now been prepared which will be published on CD-ROM in early 2004 as an adjunct to the new 4-volume 2nd edition of the Ramsar Handbooks series. The pre-publication final English draft of this new Ramsar Manual is now available on the Ramsar Web site in HTML and PDF versions, and comments are invited as to improvements or additions that readers might like to see made to it.

Plantations are not Forests. 
"Planting trees can be very good, but it can also be very bad. It all depends on what you're planting them for, the scale and site of the plantations and the impacts or benefits they bring to local populations. Large-scale plantations (consisting of either fast-growth trees such as eucalyptus and pines or of other species such as oil palm) generate most negative impacts, both in social and environmental terms." Published by the World Rainforest Movement (WRM), it addresses the issues of plantations and the struggles developed at the local and global levels against them. Non Governmental Organizations and Indigenous Peoples Organisations can ask for a free copy of the book. To do so, please WRM International Secretariat or visit:

Other Publications

WTO E-Library
WTO has launched an e-library, a fully indexed and cross-searchable database of over 250 full-text reports published by the WTO. The e-library is free to its 142 Member States, while tiered subscriptions are available for others. New publications and documents will be published via the e-library as soon as they are released, in many cases before they become available to the general public. The e-library also includes the 'Tourism Factbook', a search facility enabling access to the most up-to-date statistical information on a country-by-country or geographical basis.

Sustainable Development of Ecotourism - A Compilation of Good Practices in SMEs
This new publication is the 3rd of a series of good practice compilations, and it has been prepared in the follow up to the International Year of Ecotourism 2002. This compilation contains 65 case studies received from 47 countries about exemplary practices in small ecotourism businesses. As the translations have been recently completed, this publication is now available in English, Spanish and French:

Sustainable Tourism: The Tour Operator's Contribution
The Tour Operators´ Initiative (TOI), a diverse group of over 20 tour operating companies, ranging from small specialised operators to some of the biggest names in the business, including First Choice and TUI AG, has released a new publication - Sustainable Tourism: The Tour Operator's Contribution - that showcases efforts to promote environmentally friendly and social responsible tourism in the tour operator's sector. Over 30 case studies, grouped in the key business areas of supply chain management; internal management; product management and development; customer relations; and co-operation with destinations provide an overview of the diverse approaches and tools that tour operators can adopt. The supply chain management examples include the use of 'green' checklists to assess hoteliers, the introduction of environmental clauses into contracts, the provision of technical assistance, and the introduction of a suppliers´ food hygiene campaign. 

Nature-based Tourism, Environment and Land Management, Ecotourism Book Series
R Buckley, C Pickering, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia and D B Weaver, George Mason University, Manassas, USA.
Looks at the economic, social and environmental consequences of nature-based tourism. It discusses the importance of links and partnerships, as well as the conflicts, between commercial tourism interests and land management agencies.

The American Bird Conservancy Guide to the 500 Most Important Bird Areas in the United States :
Key Sites for Birds and Birding in All 50 States by the American Bird Conservancy. A concise archive of wide-ranging information for conservationists, birders, and natural science students as well as a valuable guide for ecotourists.




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