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Year 5-Issue 56, Jan. 2004


January 2004: The one with the Travel Writers
hint: read the editorial & the interview

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A c r o s s

1 Wrote "Il Milione" (9)
3 Wrote "A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland” (13)
4 Indian writer, rose to fame for his travelogue of a hitchhike from China to India. (10)
7 The equivalent of 1 Across in the Arab world (11)
10 Lonely Planet co-founder, full name (11)
11 Hungarian born Travel Writer, creator of homonymous travel guide series, full name (11)
12 Epic Travel writer (5)
13 “Historic” Travel writer (9)
14 Late 19th century Anglo American Travel writer, famous novelist, author of Transatlantic Sketches (10)
D o w n
2 Wrote “Hellados Periegesis” (9)
5 Famous American novelist and humourist, satirised tourists who read guidebooks. (5)
6 Mesopotamian Odysseus (9)
8 Greek philosopher and traveller who first suggested the rotation of the earth (11)
9 Considered Britain's greatest living Travel writer (6)
10 Famous “passenger” of The Old Patagonian Express (7)

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