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Year 5, Issue 48, May 2003

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A New Approach to Sustainable Tourism Development: Moving Beyond Environmental Protection by Frederico Neto, March, 2003
Concludes that new approaches to sustainable tourism development in these countries should not only seek to minimize local environmental impact, but also give greater priority to community participation and poverty reduction.

Dialogue on effective water governance: learning from the dialogues
(Global Water Partnership 2003) This status report draws from experience garnered through conducting the Dialogue on Effective Water Governance in GWP’s regions over the past year.

Trends in the US online travel market - 2000-2002
by Carl H. Marcussen, Centre for Regional and Tourism Research,

Trends in European Internet Distribution - of Travel and Tourism Services
by Carl H. Marcussen, as above

The Art and Science of Composting
The UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS)


Other Publications

Environmental management and the competitiveness of nature-based tourism destinations by Twan Huybers & Jeff Bennett, in Environmental and resource economics 24 (3, 2003) : 213-233
In this paper, the overall effect of environmental management on competitiveness, as measured by aggregate tourism industry profitability, is estimated in a case study of Tropical North Queensland.

Case Studies in Ecotourism
by R Buckley, International Centre for Ecotourism Research, Griffith University, Australia
Publication Date: May 2003. A global compilation and analysis of over 170 real-life case studies in ecotourism.
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Mekong Tourism Forum Proceedings on CD-Rom
The CD-ROM contains the full delegate roster plus all the speeches and presentations from the event.
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Sperm whale watching off Kaikoura, New Zealand: Effects of current activities on surfacing and vocalisation patterns.
by C.F. Richter; S.M. Dawson; E. Slooten. 2003.  Science for Conservation 219. 78 p. 
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