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Year 5, Issue 48, May 2003

Eco Events

The Namche Conference, Nepal, May 24-26, 2003:
The Namche Conference, "People, Park, and Mountain Ecotourism", will be the "highest" international symposium ever held. The primary venue, Namche Bazar (3,450 m) is the gateway village inside Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal. Prospective participants are urged to register online as soon as possible, at:

Environmental Governance, The link between Environment & Tourism, Volos, Greece, May 26-27, 2003:
Designed as a forum for exchange and collaboration between environmental NGOs, local/regional government and business representatives, the conference hopes to make a valuable contribution to the pressing issue of sustainable development in tourism within the context of the wider governance debate.

A worldwide selection of ecotourism and related events during the next 5 months follows: [ Full listings at ]

May 17-21, International Pow Wow 2003-USA
May 17-21, First Asia Pacific CHRIE conference: Hospitality and Tourism Research & Education-KOREA
May 19-21, The Hotel Show 2003-UAE
May 19-23, International Conference on Rural Livelihoods, Forests and Biodiversity-GERMANY
May 20-21, Brussels Climate Change Conference-BELGIUM
May 21-23, International Congress on Sustainable Tourism: evolution, challenges and perspectives-MEXICO
May 22, 2nd Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Students Research in Tourism-KOREA
May 23, Responsible Tourism Press Initiative Meeting -UK
May 24-26, The Namche Conference, People, Park and Mountain Ecotourism-NEPAL
May 26-27, European Commission Environmental Governance Conference, The Link between Environment & Tourism-GREECE
May 27-29, School of Hotel and Tourism Management Convention & Expo Summit-HONG KONG
May 28-29, El Financiamiento del Turismo Sustentable en Mexico-MEXICO
May 28-29, International Biotourism Conference- MALAYSIA
June-July, Ethical Marketing of
June 1-3, 25th Annual International Hospitality Investment Conference-USA
June 2-6, IVInternational Convention on environment and Sustainable Development-CUBA
June 5, Colibri
June 5-7, Expo Adventure and Ecotourism-MEXICO
June 15-18, TTRA Annual Conference: Travel Research- The Gateway to Accountability-USA
June 17-20, IAIA '03 - Impact Assessment and Capacity Building. 23rd Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment-MOROCCO
June 19-21, ATLAS 10th International Conference - Quality of Life: Competing value perspectives in leisure & tourism-THE NETHERLANDS
July 2-3, Tourism Communications Conference TOURCOM-SPAIN
July 2-5, International Lake Tourism Conference-FINLAND
July 6-9, 9th APTA Conference- Current Research, Future Strategies: Bridging Uncertainty-AUSTRALIA
July 8-11, BEST Sustainable Tourism Think Tank III: "The role of tourism in community development, culture, heritage and conservation" -COSTA RICA
July 10-12, Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (ANZALS) Biannual Conference Leisure, Change and Diversity-AUSTRALIA
July 15-19, Butterflies viewing Festival-NICARAGUA
July 19-23, Bird watching and wildlife observation-NICARAGUA
July 20-23, Tourism and Photography: Still visions - changing lives-UK
July 25-27, AFTA Conference 2003 with National Travel Industry Awards and Domestic & International Tourism Educational-AUSTRALIA
August 1, The First Global Summit on Indigenous Tourism-CANADA
August 6-9, 2003 International CHRIE Conference: An Oasis of Hospitality and Tourism-USA
August 21-24, Perspectives on Tourism in Nordic and other Peripheral Areas 2003-SWEDEN
September 3-5, RGS-IBG International Annual Conference 2003 Geography of Leisure and Tourism Group: Tourism Creativity and the City-UK
September 4-6 Second International Conference on People and the Sea-NETHERLANDS
September 8-10, ECOLOGY2003-SWEDEN
September 8-17, Vth World Congress on Protected Areas-SOUTH AFRICA
September 11-12, 2nd International Symposium on Tourism and Sustainability: Global Frameworks and Local Realities: social and cultural identities in making and consuming tourism-UK
September 14-20, International Conference on Tropical Savannas and Seasonally Dry Forests – Ecology, Environment and Development-UK
September 18-19, Financing Private and Public Infrastructure Projects LA-USA
September 24-26, TravelMart LatinAmerica-ECUADOR
September 25-26, IBD Business Seminar: Financing Private and Public Infrastructure Projects-USA
September 26-29, Event Tourism and Destination Management Conference & Cruise -CHINA
October, Transportation and the Environment --
October 2-5, Sustainable Tourism Development and the Environment-GREECE
October 13-17, TURNAT 2003: El Evento de Ecoturismo de Cuba-CUBA
October 20-21, 2003 UNEP FI Global Roundtable: Sustaining Value – A Meeting on Finance and Sustainability-JAPAN
October 21-26, ASTA's 73rd World Travel Congress -USA
October 22-25, EuroCHRIE Congress 2003: The Internationalisation of Future Hospitality, Tourism and Aviation Management Education -GERMANY

Full listings at

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