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Year 6 - Issue 64

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(a) Free Downloadable Publications

EplerWood Report, "Evaluating Ecotourism as a Community and Economic Development Strategy." 
Outlines a detailed approach for donor institutions to monitor and evaluate their sustainable tourism investments

Department of the Environment & Heritage (Australia), "Steps to Sustainable Tourism"
66-page 'how-to' guide prepared with the assistance of the tourism industry, academics and heritage managers.

Inter-American Development Bank Seminar, "Orienting Tourism Development to Achieve Sustainability Outcomes in Latin America and the Caribbean." 
Seminar Presentations available 

(b) Other Articles

Gabriela Silva & Marc E. Mc Dill, "Barriers to Ecotourism Supplier Success: A Comparison of Agency and Business Perspectives"
Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Vol 12, No. 4, 2004
Finds that agencies have low expectations regarding the future role of ecotourism businesses in the local economy.

Jorge Rivera, "Institutional pressures and voluntary environmental behavior in developing countries : evidence from the Costa Rican hotel industry"
Society and natural resources 17 (9, 2004) : 779-797
Findings suggest that voluntary environmental programs that include performance-based standards and third-party monitoring may be effective in promoting beyond-compliance environmental behavior when they are complemented by isomorphic institutional pressures exerted by government environmental monitoring and trade association membership.

Xavier Labandeira, Jose M. Lageaga, Miguel Rodriguez "Green tax reforms in Spain"
European environment 14 (5, 2004) : 290-299
Argues that a tax on CO2 emissions, with a simultaneous reduction in social security contributions, provides both environmental and fiscal benefits.

(c) New Books

Environmental Impacts of Ecotourism, Ecotourism Book Series, Volume 2
Edited by R Buckley
, International Centre for Ecotourism Research, Griffith University, Australia, August 2004 416 pages, Hardback 0 851998100 
For more information visit:

New Horizons in Tourism: Strange Experiences and Stranger Practices
Edited by T V Singh
, Centre for Tourism Research and Development, Lucknow, India
September 2004 240 pages, Hardback 0 851998631 

(d) Useful E-Resources

UNESCO Free Software Portal
Features selected open source software

African Digital Library
A free online digital library for residents of Africa containing over 8,000 full-text eBooks.
Revolutionizing the world of recycling, reuse and charitable donations. 




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