Our Team has been supporting sustainable tourism worldwide since 1999, through Ecoclub, the eco travel network. We are based in Athens, Greece where we also have experience with developing, refurbishing and managing residential and rental properties. We offer remote consultancy services to current and aspiring tourism and hospitality providers who are serious about minimising their environmental footprint, maximising their social impact and, last but not least, offering stellar service to their guests!

The Ecoclub Team can offer remote consultancy for projects compatible with our philosophy on a range of travel topics including: 

  • Tourism policy
  • Tourism & Hospitality marketing
  • Greening, as opposed to greenwashing, your accommodation, tour or destination
  • Tourism & Hospitality in Greece
  • Developing and maintaining an environmental and social responsibility policy
  • Alternative promotion channels
  • Booking/sharing economy platforms
  • Making a website more exciting and user-friendly
  • Improving your web presence
  • Determining new revenue streams
  • Devising a customer relationship management policy and loyalty programs
  • Producing engaging news announcements
  • Understanding your customers, their preferences, needs & desires
  • Detecting and cultivating synergies and cooperation with other local businesses
  • Developing an intelligent pricing model and a sensible cancellation policy
  • Creating a new appropriate and effective brand
  • Maximizing the sale value of your accommodation

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